Virtual mobility

Virtual mobility examples

An example for virtual mobility is eTwinning. eTwinning is an erasmus+ programme which offers the possibility of cooperation between schools from different european countries. Reasons to engage and take part in eTwinning are the additional value of cultural exchange and awareness, sharing knowledge or the development of key competences such as learning a foreign language. Thanks to the online infrastructure, colleges can work together on the same project in a virtual space, without having to leave the physical environment they are used to.

Generally spoken, virtual mobility can be described as:

The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to obtain the same benefits as one would have with physical mobility but without the need to travel (Bijnens et al. 2006: 5).

Another form of virtual mobility is the offer of distance learning by higher educational institutes. Distance learners have, for example at the university of London, the possibility to achieve a degree without having to live in London (University of London: n.d.). Another institute which provides distance learning is the open university. The advantages of these studies are flexibility, getting an english education and a respected UK qualification and being able to study even with a family or while working (open university: n.d).


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