Virtual Mobility

Vitual mobility can be defined as „The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to obtain the same benefits as one would have with physical mobility but without the need to travel.“ (Bijnens/Boussemaere/Rajagopal/Op de Beeck/Van Petegem 2006 : 5)

There are lots of different platforms that provide virtual mobility. One of them is UNICollaboration:, which supports “university educators and mobility coordinators to organise and run online intercultural exchanges for their students.“ (Unicollaboration o.J. a: o.S.)

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„The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the advantages of telecollaboration as a tool for virtual mobility in foreign language education among students, educators, student mobility coordinators and (senior) managers at university level.” (UniCollaboration o.J. b: o.S)
The platform allows students from different countries to work together on collaborative projects, by using different online communication tools. Beside the possibility to learn more about the actual topic, it helps students to improve their language skills and to learn about other cultures.
By using UniCollaboration, University-teachers can connect with other teachers (out of 979 registered users), who are located at any place in the world and who are interested to work together (vgl. Unicollaboration o.J. a: o.S.).
All in all I think that it seems to a very interesting project, that’s probably worth a try (vgl. Unicollaboration o.J. a: o.S.).


Bijnens, Helena/Boussemaere, Machteld/Rajagopal, Kamakshi/Op de Beeck, Ilse/Van Petegem, Wim (2006): european cooperation in education through virtual mobility. A best- practice manual. Online unter (25.05.17).

UniCollaboration (o.J.)a: Welcome. Online unter (25.05.17).

UniCollaboration (o.J.)b: The INTENT consortium. Online unter (25.07.17).


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